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Napisano 16 styczeń 2011 - 19:32

Dead Can Dance 1981-1998 (2001)(DVD)

Dołączona grafika


New Age Ethnic / World / Ethereal Wave
5,45 GB ISO.
Format DVD Video
One of the notable items to be excited about is the inclusion of the DVD. This includes the concert performance TOWARD THE WITHIN (with interview footage), along with five promotional videos ("The Host of Seraphim", "Frontier", "The Protagonist", "Yulunga", and "The Carnival Is Over"). The videos are rich with imaginative direction and ideas (especially "Carnival"), such a far cry from the rubbish that passes as music videos these days. It's a shame DCD didn't produce more of these.


1. Rakim
2. Persian Love Song
3. Desert Song
4. Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
5. Piece for Solo Flute
6. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
7. I Am Stretched on Your Grave
8. I Can See Now
9. American Dreaming
10. Cantara
11. Oman
12. The Song of the Sybil
13. Tristan
14. Sanvean
15. Don't Fade Away

Additionaly DVD contains music videos for "Frontier", "The Protagonist", and "The Carnival Is Over", and a chapter from Baraka entitled Calcutta Foragers/Homeless, which is set to Dead Can Dance's "The Host of Seraphim".

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